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    Get information on delivery schedules and shipping charges.


    Delivery Charges

    Your delivery charges will depend on the products you order. These charges will be displayed during the checkout process.


    Here’s how your shipping charges will work:

    Shipping Type Order Value Shipping Charge Cash on Delivery Charge
    Standard delivery    Less than BHD 20   BHD 1 BHD 1
    More than BHD 20 Free BHD 1


    Shipping charges will be as follows for your Mothercare products:

    Shipping Type Order Value Shipping Charge Cash on Delivery Charge

    Standard delivery

    (For all products except those that   

    need assembly)

    Less than BHD 20    BHD 1 BHD 1
    More than BHD 20 Free BHD 1

    Scheduled delivery

    (For products that need assembly)

    More than BHD 20 Free BHD 1
    Less than BHD 20 BHD 1 BHD 1

    Due to operational restraints we are currently unable to offer product assembly.


    Popular Questions

    Get answers to our most frequently asked questions.

    I placed an order today. When can I expect my shipment?

    Your delivery schedule will depend on the product and the time that you placed your order. Go to the Orders section under My Account or click on the order number in your Order Confirmation email to check on the status of your delivery.


    What if I miss a delivery?

    If you are not at home, our delivery partner will call you and request you to reschedule your delivery. Simply call our Customer Support team on 8000-1271, and we’ll schedule another delivery date and time that suits you better.


    I’ve already paid BHD 1, so why am I being charged an additional BHD 1?

    These two amounts are for two separate charges. Our standard shipping charge is BHD 1, while our Cash on Delivery charge is BHD 1. If you’re paying by cash, you’ll have to pay an extra BHD 1 over and above our shipping charge. Of course, you can always avoid the Cash on Delivery charge by paying with your Credit or Debit Card.


    Can I pick up my order from your warehouse?

    No, but you can pick up your order from our delivery partner’s office if you wish. Simply ask them to hold your order at their office when they contact you before delivery.


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